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bōzt /boast/ noun

A positive post (recommendation) about a restaurant users share with their followers.

bōzting /boasting/ verb

The act of posting a bōzt (recommendation) on the Bōzt application for a user's followers to see. 

bōzter /boaster/ adjective

One who bōzts or (posts recommendations) about restaurants they love to their followers.


A limited number of individuals that users rely on as a highly trusted source for making restaurant recommendations; Circle is synonymous with "Following" or who a user follows.  


A written or printed mark (¯) used to indicate a long vowel in the English language.

What is bōzt?

Bōzt is an application for sharing and discovering new places to get great food. 

How does bōzt work?

1. Form a circle by inviting and following the people whose taste in food matters to you.
2. Share your favorite places with your followers by adding them to My Favorites. 
3. bōzt! Post positive experiences to your followers about places you love or discover.

Are user's circles limited?

Yes. Users can follow up to 28 bōzters to be in their circle; be selective and invite and follow those whose taste in food matters the most to you.

How many circles can a user be in?

Users can be in an unlimited number of circles. While users can only follow 28 (their circle), they can be followed by an infinite number of users (other's circles). 

Is bōzt free?

Yes. Bōzt is free to all users.

Does bōzt display ads?

Bōzt does not use traditional display ads. We call our ads Billboards. They are only seen on the Discover Map and are designed to have minimum impact to the user experience. In addition to Billboards looking just like a billboard sign you might see along the highway, the restaurant advertiser's name is highlighted in orange within the search results of the List View for easy reference. Note: Billboards do not impact the order in which search results are displayed. You can learn more about Billboards here: 
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