bōzt /boast/ noun

A positive post about a restaurant you want to share with your circle of trust.

bōzting /boasting/ verb

The act of posting a  bōzt within the  bōzt  application.

bōzter /boaster/ adjective

One who  bōzts about restaurants they love to their circle of trust.

Circle of Trust

A limited group of individuals that users can rely on as a highly trusted source for restaurant recommendations. Also known as a user's circle.


Are user's circles limited?

Yes. Every user's circle is limited to 28. Users can  invite or follow up to 28  bōzters to be in their circle.  

How many circles can a user be in?

Users can be in an unlimited number of circles. Users can be invited to be in an unlimited number of circles. 

Is bōzt free?

Yes. bōzt is free to all users.