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Welcome to bōzt!

The main ingredient in bōzt is you.

Bōzt gets better when you add friends to your Circle, bōzt about places you love, and grow your Favorites.

Form a Circle by inviting and following the people whose taste in matters to you.

Share your favorite places with your Followers by adding them to your Favorites.

Bōzt! Positive experiences to your Followers about places you love or discover. 

Leo J Esposito


Love it, bōzt it! 



What is bōzt?

Bōzt (like boast) is a social application for sharing and discovering new places to get great food. 

A bōzt is a positive post about a restaurant or place you love. 

At Bōzt, we do not believe in negativity, bias, or ratings. 

A bōzter is someone who shares a positive post about a place or discovers a great new place from their Circle or the bōzt Community.

Bōzting is the act of sharing a positive post about a place.

Bōztable is a place worthy of a bōzter’s recommendation.

Love it, bōzt it!



Bōzt Works When Users…

Connect with the people whose taste in food matters to them.
Bōzt about great places they discover.
Discover new places to eat, drink, and buy food.
Find, connect, communicate, and share with individuals with common tastes.
Share lists of favorite places to get great food.
Communicate with friends, restaurants and the bōzt community through the app.
Invite friends to join the bōzt community.
Rely on bōzt as their source for solving for where to eat.